Sycamore Hill Farms Original Recipe
South Georgia Country Style Ribs
You Will Need:
8 pieces Country Style Ribs (1 pack)
1/2 cup Original Mop n Sop Mustard Sauce
Sycamore Hill Farms Red Dry Rub - Even light sprinkle on all sides
To Marinate:
Wash and drain meat, sprinkle Red Dry Rub evenly on all sides of the country style ribs
Place meat in a plastic freezer bag along with the Mop n Sop, seal and toss to coat meat.
Let stand for a couple of hours or do the day before.
To Cook:
Grill meat over low heat with your favorite type of wood chips, Hickory, Mesquite or fruit wood.
If you use a propane grill, place aluminum foil on the primary surface to make a heat shield
and place meat on next rack up. Cook indirect heat until meat is medium done. 
Then remove the heat shield and apply a generous coating of Original Mustard Sauce and
allow to cook on. Two coats will be best cooked on. Before serving let meat stand for about
five minutes.