3D Printer Filament Roll Holder .. Adjustable From 1.10" wide to 3.25" wide Rolls

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Get yours today for $7.95 free shipping and they're available in four different colors. Buy two Adjustable Roll
Holders for $13.50 and save $2.40 or get all four colors for $24.00 & save $7.80 and you'll get 8 filament roll clips. When buying two
they will be black & red color. Shipping is free.

Pick a color before clicking on "Add To Cart" button or it will default to the Black color.


This is an adjustable 3D filament roll holder that will adjust from 1.10" wide to 3.25" wide and holds any diameter filament spool
that is currently being made and sold. The uniit sits by your 3D printer and can feed the filament from the bottom or from over the
top of the roll. It has four roller bearings that the roll sit on while turning during the printing. The motion is smooth, and to load
a roll is as simple as putting the roll onto the bearings. The side rails keep the roll on the bearings for a smooth filament feed.
The side plate is already made for an alarm system kit that will let you know if the roll leaves the holder.

If you buy FOUR Adjustable Roll Holders you will also get EIGHT Filament Roll Clips for free.

I use the adjustable roll holder with my 3D printer and have an alarm too. It works great.
I know you will like the way it works for you. Thanks for buying

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