Sycamore Hill Farms Original Recipe
Mustard Sausage
2 pounds Link Sausage or Little Smokies
2 Big White Onions
2 Green Bell Pepper
1 cup Original or Pert' Near Hot  Mop & Sop Mustard Sauce
Pre-cook sausages on the grill and place in a heavy pan on the grill top with onions cut
into rings or slices along with the bell pepper. Start with just a little water in the bottom
to make steam and cook veggies down until they get clear. Add the sausages and
1 cup or more of Original or Pert' Near Hot Mop & Sop sauce. Continue cooking until the
gravy gets a little thick.
Served on white bread, hotdog buns, hoagie rolls is best but also good over rice.