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We have brushed Angora Rabbit Wool for spinning and making natural fiber garments.
The wool is collected from our French Angora Rabbits that we raise for their luxurious wool.
It is brushed out of their coat and is never pulled or forced out to hurt the rabbits. The wool is as
free of hay as our eyesight allows and is free of knots and pieces suited for felting. The colors are
natural and untreated to allow a spinner to utilize all the natural fiber has to offer when making yarn.

The wool is packaged in a sealed zip lock container with a desiccant pack to keep it moisture free to inhibit
smells, bugs, etc. We hope you will find a project to use this natural wool that our furry friends has produced.
Shipping is free to you the customer and will be sent USPS First Class Mail.

We Have 24 oz currently available, and more on the way.

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Ready to Pack.Ready to Pack Angora Wool Natural Cleaned Uncombed

1oz Zip Bag $5.00 Free Shipping. Add 1oz bags at checkout page

1 pound Bag $50.00 Free Shipping.

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