Roll Holder and Alarm System.

Roll Holder Alarm .. Roll Holder Alarm .. Roll Holder Alarm

This is an adjustable 3D Filament Roll Holder and Alarm System. The roll holder connects to the alarm box to alert you if the
filsment roll comes off the holder. Tangled filament can be frustrating. We sell roll clips to keep it tangle free. The beauty of the Alarm System
is it's loud enough to wake you if it goes off. It will give you time to correct the problem before the print is ruined.
The unit uses a 9 volt battery (included) & doesn't use power unlless the switch activates. The piezo has a switch so you can turn off the alert while
changing rolls or correct the problem. You can sleep while the printer is working.
I've designed and tested the unit and currently use one every time I 3D print. I know it will work for you. If you bought a roll holder without
the alarm, we have a kit available to retro fit the Roll Holder you have now. Pick the color you have to get the upgrade kit for that color for only $15.00.
The control box is red, you pick the color rails you have down below the Alarm System Cart button.
There is $6.80 Flat Rate Charge for shipping for these items and will go out next day of order..

Roll Holder & Alarm System $25.00

Color of Holder

Roll Holder Alarm Upgrade .. Roll Holder Alarm Upgrade
Upgrade Kit Color

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